NFL Experience
Times Square

The M1 team was hard at work in 2017 developing two interactive experiences for visitors to the NFL Experience in Times Square, which officially opened in November. NFL Experience Times Square is a first-of-its-kind interactive and immersive attraction located in the heart of NYC that brings fans closer than ever to the NFL and their favorite teams.

Suit Up

How would you look sporting your favorite NFL team’s uniform? Let’s find out! In this motion-tracked, Kinect-driven interactive, guests first step up to a tablet to browse and pick their favorite team and enter their jersey number. Stand in front of the big screen, and watch as virtual uniform elements build onto you piece by piece… cleats, pants, jersey, and helmet. After you “suit up”, follow the prompts to show some moves and get ready for the big game.. and don’t forget to pose for your trading card!

Quarterback Challenge

Time to find out how you stack up against your favorite NFL quarterback! In this multi-player interactive, test your passing skills with your friends and family as you compare your stats to your favorite QB’s. After you step up to a tablet and pick your team, the virtual tight end or wide receiver from that team appears at the end of each lane. An operator triggers the snap “Hut hut HIKE!” and you get three throws, each of which send the football through infrared sensors that record your throw speed and accuracy. Then take a look at the tablet to compare your speed stats and completion percentage against your favorite QB. Will you get benched? Or become a Super Bowl Champion? It’s up to you!

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