Jordan CP3
“Don’t Blink” Event

The Jordan team at Mosaic recently worked with M1 to debut an interactive basketball experience for the release of the latest Chris Paul shoe. 

Players showed off their dribbling skills on the stylized court, as three high res video cameras recorded their movement from different angles. The footage was then auto-assembled into a 10 second fast cut mini-commercial with music and special effects showcasing the star player and their mad skills. The final edited product appeared within seconds of the video recording, complete with voiceover, music and effects. The finished video was then ready for email or upload to social media outlets to share with the world.

M1 also installed a pair of Transparent LCD systems, showcasing the new Chris Paul shoe along with Paul’s highlight reel. As the reel plays on the screen, the dynamics between light and dark content allow the shoe to become visible at different points throughout the video, making for one very cool product display.