Horatio Alger Association
Interactive Kiosk

The Horatio Alger Association is one of if not the largest provider of needs-based scholarships in the US. These scholarships come from the generosity of its members and each year they host an awards ceremony to induct new members who’ve met a criteria of overcoming adversity and have achieved great success in their respective industries. Working with our long time partners Decibel Management, M1 had the opportunity to help create a data visualization experience housed in an interactive touchscreen kiosk.


The kiosk had its inaugural debut in April at the Horatio Alger Association’s 71st annual award ceremony, which raised a whopping and record-setting $15M. Attendees were able to interact with an 84″ touchscreen display, flanked on each side by two 43″ displays to search anyone in the Horatio Alger database and explore interactive mapping, videos, bios and slideshows. M1 collaborated with our friends at Media Made Great on the application development.


Project management and development: Decibel Management
Hardware/software integration: M1
Back end software: Media Made Great
Api/database: CaWaSa
Design and ui/ux: Belmondo
Fabrication, construction and design: Design Foundry