Capital One
Banking Reimagined
Road Show

Our friends at Awestruck invited us to create an interactive guest experience for Capital One. The Capital One Banking Reimagined Road Show kicked off in February in California and made stops all across the country, including San Francisco, Boston, Miami and more. We created a multi-part, personalized “journey” for guests to help them learn more about their current relationship with their money, as well as help them plan their financial future. The experience was featured on the Ellen show in May, see the recap video below!


M1 developed the digital interactives for each station of the journey, which include a 9-panel MultiTaction touch screen wall, Microsoft Hololens experience, and video confessional and photo booth stations. After initial registration, guests then visit each area to engage in an interactive exploration of their money spending and saving habits. Swipe on the touch screen wall to build a profile centered around your money habits, then check out the Hololens experience to see these habits in action. The video confessional booth lets you record a short video message to your future self, which is then sent out at a later date of your choosing. Finally, choose your backdrop and pose for a postcard at the photo booth selfie station.


Take a look at another recap video here.